Are you ready to list your home or even just to spruce it up and add some extra value to your home? Today's Tip and Tidbit is 11 Low Cost Upgrades That Add Value to Your Home.
1. Adding molding to you doors, ceilings, floors, or anything is one of the best and easiest ways to make your home look more elegant and chic.
2. Buyers love built-in book shelves. They’re a great way to make your home look more custom, and they’re pretty inexpensive if you do them yourself. Consider visiting your local Home Depot, Lowe's, or Ace Hardware to get the supplies you need to build your built-in bookshelves.
3. A new backsplash can do wonders in a dated kitchen, and ceramic tiles are pretty inexpensive. If you want to dress is up, add a few fancy tiles throughout.
4. Painting your door a vibrant color that complements the color of your house adds a fresh new look. Bright doors draw the eye and make people feel more welcome and interested in your house. Plus fresh paint is always a good idea.
5. Adding planking to your bathroom can add the feel of a log cabin or a rustic lifestyle to your home. Don’t feel limited to your bathroom though! This update would look really good as an accent wall in any room of the house.
6. Wainscoting can make your house look so much more expensive. It’s a really classy upgrade that looks good in every room.
7. Old wood cabinets can look super dated. Painting them white or black can add a lot of value and sophistication to your kitchen.
8. Adding new hardware to kitchen cabinets can make a big difference. Dated hardware will give away the age of kitchen, even if you’ve given it a fresh coat of paint. So don’t scrimp on the hardware!
9. If painting your cabinets black or white feels a but boring, try painting them a more exciting color. Be careful though! If you want to add value, you need to be aware of what other people would find pleasing.
10. If your bathroom faucets seem kind of old and dated, instead of replacing them, try painting them! It’s much cheaper, but the result can be just as stunning!
11. Installing wide plank plywood flooring can be a great alternative to expensive hardwood flooring. After you install the plywood, you can paint it or stain it any color you like.